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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people does each kit serve? 

Each kit provides 2 generous servings.


Where can I buy the kits? 

Our kits are available exclusively at grocery stores. Click here for a list of locations. New locations will be announced soon!


What else will I need to buy with each kit?

For the recipes that suggest meat, you'll need to buy the meat separately. We chose to design our kits this way so that a) you can cook the most fresh and flavorful meal possible and b) you can customize each recipe and play around with different proteins. You'll also need to provide your own "pantry staples", which means salt, pepper and oil. 


I'm not an advanced chef. Is this for me?

Absolutely. Even if you're the type who can only make toast and pasta, you'll be able to cook our recipes with ease - and in 30 minutes or less!


Why are you called "Salted"?

We named our brand "Salted" because a) salt is the foundation of cooking and building flavor and b) the suffix "-ed" represents our passion for educating home cooks. For the sake of clarity, our kits are not high in salt content :) 


How many different kits are there?

We are currently have 6 different kits. We plan to introduce more versions later this year.


How long will my kit stay fresh?

We deliver kits to stores multiple times each week and they are designed to last in a refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. We list a "best by" date on each kit, but for optimal freshness we recommend cooking them as soon as you can. 


What makes your kits unique?

A lot of things. Feel free to check out Why Our Kits Are Special page. 


How can I stay informed about updates like new stores, new kits, and get invited to VIP events with your chefs? 

Great question. You can sign up for our mailing list here